Charlemagne's Coloring Book

Coloring book picture Charlemagne and his friends are colorful. Choose colors you like for them.
Newly updated 5/29/11

Charlemagne's Swim game:

Charlemagne's Swim Game Charlemagne and Suzie Q swim around an aquarium. If you want you can lead them or have them sleep. Can you make Charlemagne follow Suzie Q as she swims randomly?


Charlemagne's Maze game:

Charlemagne Maze Lead Charlemagne through the maze. Will you hit the weeds or the wall? Here are games both easy and hard.
The easy maze game where everyone wins and ...
The harder maze game where you can make the maze more complex or easier and you can use Charlemagne's energy to blast weeds.

Charlemagne's Identify The Fish game:

Charlemagne Identify the Fish Game Board Charlemagne has lots of friends, including "Lion" fish, "Jelly" fish, "Manderin" fish, lobsters, etc.. Can you identify all of them?


Charlemagne's Find the Items game:

Charlemagne Find Items board It takes lots of items to keep Charlemagne's aquarium clean and nice. Some of these items are hidden in the weeds for you to find.

Charlemagne's Scrambled Words game:

Charlemagne Find Items board Can you unscramble the letters in the words used to describe a fish's world? If you can, try this game!


More games coming soon!

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